Currently in our lab there are one to two postdoctoral fellow positions available immediately.  Candidates with high resolution NMR spectroscopic experience are encouraged to apply.  We will also consider candidates with strong protein chemistry background. The positions are supported by research grants from Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) and Research Grant Council of Hong Kong.  We offer a very competitive salary (up to US$45,000/year) plus benefit.

    Students and research assistant positions are also available in our lab. We seek highly motivated candidates major in any areas of biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and molecular and cell biology to apply for student positions.  Students admitted will be supported by studentship (HK$13,600/month at current stage)! The government also provides student fellowship with HK$ 20,000/month).  We are also looking for a research assistant with strong protein purification background.

      If you have interest in applying for the position in our lab, please contact us by email

or by following Mailing Address:   Prof. Mingjie Zhang

Prof Mingjie ZHANG's Lab

Room 6276, Woo Chia-Wei Academic Building

the HK University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay

Kowloon, Hong Kong

You also can find us by Google Maps: